Janelane, March Adstrum and Nina Nepa Performance

Join us for music by Janelane, March Adstrum and Nina Nepa.

About the performers:


On Janelane’s 2022 EP, "Okay with Dancing Alone", Los Angeles-born Sophie Negrini sings, “Try my best to say / goodbye to heartache / telling myself I’m okay with dancing alone”; a fearlessly vulnerable songwriter, Negrini whisks the listener away to a nostalgia-drenched, harmony-stacked, Spector-esque sonic wonderland via the EP's first track, "Goodbye to Heartache" . The contrasting blend of pop hooks and shimmery guitars with wistful, melancholic lyrics is omnipresent throughout Negrini’s songwriting; on “Ask Me Why”, the listener can perfectly envision Negrini smiling through tears as she belts, “Arms wrapped around another / and once again I feel sixteen / I’m just a friendly face / faking a smile to my daydream”.

Negrini released her first EP, "Peaches and Cream", via Danger Collective Records in 2015. In between local shows and SXSW tours with Janelane, Negrini performed as the lead guitarist for punk band, Peach Kelli Pop, and toured heavily for the following 3 years across America, Canada, Europe and Japan. In 2018, Negrini shifted her focus to recording Janelane, and released "14 Days" and "Flowers from Athens" in 2020. In March 2021, Janelane’s first 7” record, "Celebrity Crush" (ft. members of White Reaper and No Win), was released via Canadian label, Kingfisher Bluez. "Okay with Dancing Alone" (2022), was released in April 2022 via Canadian label, Astoria Tracks, and was featured as Bandcamp's Best-Selling Pop Cassette of May 2022.

March Adstrum

Raised by two Baroque violinists, March toured backstage with the Philharmonia Baroque Orchestra, Musica Angelica, and Portland Baroque Orchestra. As she began her own musical journey, she discovered a great love for punk music, and early rock and roll. Her hope is to fuse orchestral music with electronics/punk. Currently she is a student at California Institute of the Arts, studying composition.

Nina Nepa

Mechanical engineer turned singer-songwriter, producer & musician. An LA transplant, she has Yinzer roots in Pittsburgh, PA. Mainly an emotional mess with music to match!