Babylon Screening Hosted by Black Image Center

Black Image Center and Heavy Manners Library present a screening of the 1980 cult British film Babylon directed by Franco Rosso. A young dancehall DJ in South London pursues his musical ambitions, battling against the racism and xenophobia of employers, neighbors, police, and the National Front.

Black Image Center is a collective based non profit 501c3 founded by a group of young Black Photographers in Los Angeles. We aim to cultivate imagination through photography and economically empower Black storytellers and image makers.BIC lives online and offline. We encourage our young friends to pick up cameras and we get our grown friends jobs. We serve as a hub of resources and as a network of economic empowerment for the Black creative community. We are all perpetually changing. Water us and watch us bloom.

One of Black Image Center’s capstone offerings is our Free Film Fridge. In the same spirit of a community fridge where people in need can pick up free food, members of the community are able to pick up a roll of film at the Free Film Fridge. BIC stocks each fridge as a way to intentionally nourish the creativity of our community, and encourage more folks to tell their own stories using the medium of photography.

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