Feminist Synth Lab: Intro to Modular Synthesis with Naomi Mitchell

Curious about synthesis techniques? Always wanted to know more about modular? This workshop will cover the basics of sound synthesis using modular synthesizers. We’ll be going over topics such as oscillators, wave shaping, randomness, sequencing, and basic patching techniques. While the workshop focuses on modular synthesizers, many of these concepts extend to other forms of synthesis, both in hardware and software. The workshop will include both technical explanations and hands-on exploration of modular synthesis.

Naomi Mitchell is a designer, builder, user, and educator of modular synthesizers who runs the company omiindustriies. She has been using hardware synthesizers since 2013 and established omiindustriies in 2016. Her musical work using modular synthesizers focuses on rhythm, texture, and randomness. She currently lives and works in Los Angeles.

Accessibility: This space requires the use of stairs.

Cost: $10, no one turned away for lack of funds (reach out to femsynthlab@gmail.com)

This event prioritizes all marginalized genders, including but not limited to trans women, cis women, trans men, non-binary, intersex, gender nonconforming, two-spirit and questioning folx. We ask that our cis male allies and friends respectfully do not sign up, as we recognize that electronic music is overwhelmingly dominated by cis men.