Guardians of the Climate

Mission: An event space to bring community, education and awareness to those seeking climate change knowledge, those who are struggling with the devastating consequences of the climate and discuss the intersectionality of all our current social injustices.

Fundraiser: Ticket sales will be divided between guest speakers and the money will go to their mission/cause. Cover Charge will be $10-15.

About the speakers/performers:

Savannah Breaker - They/them Rise 4 Abortion

My name is Sav and I am a CVICU registered nurse and Social Activist. I have been working for the last 2 years as an ICU travel nurse, Traveling the country to help overwhelmed places with the COVID-19 pandemic. I am also a leader in the Rise Up 4 Abortion Rights movement and an advocate for equality for LGBTQIA persons in Healthcare

Sammy Steiner - Eyes and Ears Agency

Sammy Steiner believes music is a language of connection and a powerful tool to spread waves of change. She is passionate about bridging the world of art and activism through her work founding The Eyes & Ears Agency, and is dedicated to increasing visibility and accessibility to social impact resources within the music and entertainment industries. Sammy is currently working with Intersectional Environmentalist as a co-producer of Earth Sessions, community driven environmental justice concerts, and has previously worked with artists Charlie Burg, Ekali, and Erez Zobary on personalized impact fundraisers and partnerships.

Andre Corea - Environmentalist and Composer (15 min set)

Andre Corea is a Puerto Rican born American composer, music producer, and environmentalist based in Los Angeles, CA.

As a composer, Andre aims to express the infinite imagination and wonder that nature has to offer while representing a human perspective through music. Andre utilizes the genuine beauty of acoustic instruments and transforms them creating surrealist sounds & textures to express his experiences and love of nature. Combining musical composition with the power of todays technology, Andre fuses ambient and classical music that is both immersive and expressive. Andre creates experiences that provides an opportunity to develop an empathetic and intimate relationship between people and nature.

Andre’s concern for nature, ecosystems and climate change has developed into a commitment to utilizing all his talents to contribute towards a sustainable future. Andre hopes that his example inspires others in the creative industries to take a stand for the planet and support organizations around the world.

Andre comes from a diverse musical upbringing of assisting in recording studios, managing a contemporary orchestra, and working within concert production and artist management teams. Andre also received a Bachelors in Film Scoring from Berklee College of Music in 2017.