halfway between noon and midnight: An Exhibit by Kendra Yee

halfway between noon and midnight is an exhibition featuring modular vessels that represent our connections to patterns, looking towards the possibilities of forming alternate languages through visual repetition. Yee has been working on a series of drawings to record and process experiences of the pandemic. These sketches are translated as ceramics sculptures, acting as containers for moments of magic or uncertainty. Time is distorted within the clay, asking participants to mold new conversations into the stoneware.

Bio: Kendra Yee (b. 1995, Tkaronto/ Toronto) is an arts practitioner that seeks to materialize the truths and fictions of memory. Yee pulls tales from; personal stories, lived experience and collective narratives to develop site-specific installations that carve alternative archives. Yee has programmed and exhibited with: The Art Gallery of Ontario, MOCCA, The Robert McLaughlin Gallery, The Art Gallery of Burlington, OCAD U, Art Metropole, Xpace Cultural Centre, Patel Brown Gallery, Gallery 44, The Letter Bet, Art Toronto, The Artist Project and Juxtapoz magazine.

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