Institute For Interspecies Art And Relations September Residency

We invite you to participate in a special exhibition and residency from the Institute For Interspieces Art And Relations (IFIAAR) taking place this September at Heavy Manners! IFIAAR, founded by artist and organizer Aidan Koch, is an organization that hosts educational events and presentations by collaborating with artists and animal specialists. We're honored to present a group show and workshop series in partnership with IFIAAR that will take place from September 8th to September 25th!

The group exhibition will open on Thursday September 8th at 7pm and will feature work by Mita Mahato, Erin Jane Nelson, Ali Paydar, Walker, Kendra Yee, and Elena Yu. Individual workshops will take place on 9/10, 9/24, and 9/25 while the exhibit is up. Visit our event page for more information about each workshop!

More about IFIAAR...

IFIAAR operates in the Mojave Desert on the unceded traditional territory of the Serrano. Since 2017 founder Aidan Koch has hosted educational events and presentations by collaborating with artists and animal specialists which have taken place in different cities and have included workshops, screenings, and walks. IFIAAR publishes books, zines, and other material by creators who investigate different aspects of our relationships to non-human animals through creative disciplines and discouse.

Non-human animals impact and are impacted by practically every choice we are given in today's society. This happens simultaneously on a global level through societal and governmental structures, to consumer choices of animal based products, to whether or not we choose to have a dog or kill a spider. Due to rapid industrialization and globalization, these predominantly negative impacts have been magnified to extreme levels with unparalleled historic effects. How you think about animals makes a difference!

For more work by the exhibiting artists visit...

Mita Mahato

Instagram: @mita_mahato

Erin Jane Nelson

Instagram: @erinjanenelson

Ali Paydar

Instagram: @ali___iman


Instagram: @walkerscontent

Kendra Yee

Instagram: @kendrayee

Elena Yu

Instagram: @elenadaojingyu