Major Arcana Tarot: An Exhibit by Jesse Moynihan

The Le Moyne Tarot is an obsessively researched love letter to the greatest storytelling tool ever created. The 22 Major Arcana cards can help with gaining insight into existence, or simply be enjoyed as a subconsciously familiar art piece. Each illustration is steeped in dense, cross referenced symbolism; enough symbolism to overwhelm your intuition for multiple lifetimes. The Tarot is better than any comic book. It's even better than Maus. This version in particular pays homage to the 17th century Marseille Tarot decks, as well as the more esoteric decks which emerged in the early 20th century. It comes with a booklet of condensed explanations of the artist's interpretations and source materials ranging from Gertrude Moakley to Carl Jung and all the significant names in-between.

This exhibit will include original paintings of all 22 Major Arcana cards as well as notes and research collected by Jesse Moynihan. And edition of 1000 decks will be available for purchase at Heavy Manners Library and online.