Simple-Stitch Book Binding Workshop (Instructed by Edwin Arzeta)

In this super entry-level workshop, participants will learn how to make one of the simplest sewn book structures: the single signature pamphlet. By the end of the class, everyone will have made four different structures gradually building upon the prior principle. In addition to learning sewing techniques, participants will learn how to fold a perfect accordion from a single sheet of paper. There will be a brief overview of bookmaking terminology and students will gain understanding of tools and materials that can be easily accessed. Single signature pamphlets are excellent structures for zines, journals, and stationery that need to be made on the fly!

The instructor:

Edwin Arzeta (he/him) is an LA-based visual artist and custom journal maker. His journal clients include international artists and academicians as well as friends, family, and community members. Edwin served as Hiromi Paper, Inc.’s resident paper specialist for five and a half years.

Date: February 26, 2022

Time: 1pm-4pm

Price: $55.00 (includes all materials)

What to bring:

-Scissors, olfa cutting knife, or exacto knife


-12” ruler (no tape measurer)

-Optional to bring: small awl and bonefolder

Please eat lunch prior to arriving